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RED Tattoo Stencil Kit Limited Edition - Savannah Colleen


S8's revolutionary tattoo stenciling system, in one convenient and limited edition system kit box featuring the work of Artist Savannah Colleen. 
What's inside?
  • RED Tattoo Stencil- A revolutionary red freehand and thermal stencil paper.
  • RED Stencil Transfer Gel- Prepares and cleans the skin, then acts as a transfer medium.
  • RED Tattooing Gel- A gel that improves ink saturation, needle performance and reduces inflammation.
When we decided to reinvent tattoo stenciling, we started from the ground up. We applied cutting edge material science and chemistry to develop gels that dramatically improve stencil quality while cutting down on pain, inflammation, and stencil blurring and smudging. We selected colorants that are compatible with thermal machines while providing optimal visual separation on the skin. And we packaged it all with an eye to safety and convenience. S8 proudly introduces the RED Tattoo Stencil Transfer System. A new beginning. The first ever red-colored freehand and thermal ready stencil paper. The first ever stencil transfer gel that prepares and protects the skin. The first ever tattooing gel that seals the stencil to the skin and creates a near zero-degree coefficient of drag. All designed to work perfectly in tandem.
About the Artist:

Savannah Colleen's work explores the intersection of high art, nature, ornamental design, and the human form. Savannah Colleen’s tattoos evoke a wide variety of influences, including elements of the pre-war Arts and Crafts movement (and the concurrent Art Nouveau), East Asian ornamental design, and Neo-Traditional tattooing. Savannah Colleen explores a varied and international subject matter; she flattens and abstracts various floral elements and intertwines them with geometric mandalas and patterns to create a cohesive relationship between nature and design. But Savannah Colleen’s true talent is in placing her highly detailed tattoos as a means of accentuating, contouring, and complementing the human form. Savannah Colleen has a fashion designer’s sensibilities which, when combined with her technical acumen and rapidly maturing style, makes her an artist to follow closely. 

Savannah Colleen tattoos at Ink & Dagger Tattoo in Roswell, Georgia.



  • Use during stencil prep, skin prep, stencil application, and tattooing process. See specific instructions RED Tattoo Stencil Paper, RED Stencil Transfer Gel, and RED Tattooing Gel for best results.

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