S8 Black Friday Bulk Sale

November 20, 2018

S8 Tattoo is continuing to change the game of tattooing from start to finish with top of the line products one can use from conjuring up the tattoo image, printing, stenciling and all the way throughout the process to aftercare. With new editions to the extensive S8 Tattoo line, there is now the availability of bulk product to be purchased; believing that one should be able to purchase no more or no less than the  desired needs for tattooing, S8 has answered the requests of many artists across the globe by bulk packaging S8 RED Needle Cleaner, S8 Tattoo RED Stencil Transfer Solution 2 in 1 Formulation, RED Soap and lastly, S8 Advanced Tattooing Barrier Gel and Aftercare; these products will now come in an 8 oz pump bottle vs the original sealed sachet bags, with the S8 Advanced Tattooing Barrier Gel and Aftercare coming in a 2 oz jar.

Losing no value or changing no ingredient, S8 saw the need for a bulk product to ease the stress of the tattoo artist. With the company’s core value of supporting the artist and their clients with the goals of being innovative, health conscious, harnessing responsibility through vegan friendly/eco friendly products and pride, S8 has worked around the clock to accommodate these loyal, hardworking artists and their ever-present needs. From travel tattooing to conventions to tattooing within their shop home, S8 Tattoo wants to be sure all needs are being met.

“Small packages are great for travel and what not, but for “everyday” tattooing in a shop with multiple artists, bulk products are the only way to go.” -Matt Stebly, Ocean Springs, MS, Insta: @mattsteblytattoos

“I love the fact that I don’t have to open a few different packets now that I have the bigger sized bottle. It’s also easier to gauge how much I need for the stencil and not have any go to waste because I already cracked a packet open and only needed half of it.” -Jesus Lleo, Colorado Spring, CO, Insta: @dotted_lines

With a price point of $19.99 per pump bottle, and $10.99 per 2 oz jar, you will be able to find the price point and size or quantity needed for your own work. As well, you can gauge quantity of each product needed as you go vs having to prep packets before each tattoo session and waste product you’ve already paid for. Priced with our customers in mind, S8 Tattoo is striving to make the entire process of the tattoo artist flow seamless and help to provide the artist with a mess free, stress free and waste free environment.

This Black Friday, use code BLACKFRIDAY for 20% on our bulk products.

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