RED Needle Cleaner

Convenience. Speed. Precision. Execute your tattoos faster than ever with the help of S8's all-natural, vegetable-based RED Tattoo Needle Cleaner.

When added to your rinse cups, RED Needle Cleaner actively removes ink, petroleum, and biological matter like vegetable waxes and oil from needle groupings-- without additional wiping on paper towels. RED Tattoo Needle Cleaner saves you time and money, as well as improves needle performance and reduces the chance of crossing or muddy-ing colors. 

A Needle Cleaner Backed By Science

Our scientists outdid themselves. S8's RED Tattoo Need Cleaner is a concentrated fluid that artists add to the water in their rinse cups. This fluid is loaded with plant enzymes and vegetable surfactants that lift away and dirt and material which collect in needle groupings during the tattoo process.  S8 RED Needle Cleaner does all of this while not containing alcohol.  Because the tattoo needle cleaner does not contain alcohol, your client will experience reduced irritation and inflammation.

No one tattoo artist is the same as another.  Therefore, all S8 Tattoo Systems products are designed to meet the varying needs of different shops.  S8 RED Needle Cleaner is compatible with all needle and cartridge technologies and is safe for all skin types.

The varying bag sizes of our tattoo needle cleaner allow for you to purchase just what you need, no more and no less. The large bag has great value and helps shop managers, artists, and owners track supply levels while minimizing costs. The bags are re-sealable and great for storage spaces and supply closets, but also fit into cabinets and workstations. Each individual unit has a tear-away top and narrow aperture optimized for quick and easy dispensing. The small sachet packet is designed with the traveling artist in mind.  All sachets are TSA approved for easy travel.