S8 Sterile Tattooing Towels Updates

December 14, 2018

S8 Tattoo is continuing to add and revamp their existing line of innovative products. With the recent launch of the bulk products, S8 also made sure to redo their Red Tattooing Towel to ensure top of the line performance and complete sterilization within this tiny, on the go, nickel sized packet. With the artist and client in mind, S8 stays close to the mission of providing the best products on the market by ensuring innovation, health, responsibility and pride.

With this relaunch of S8 Sterile Tattooing Towels, S8 provides artists with the ease desired throughout the tattooing process as well as promotes it’s goal for the most sterile and clean environment possible, adding peace of mind to all involved. This updated version of their Red Tattooing Towels are similar in nature to those who are familiar, but 100% sterilized, just as they should be. Individually packed and individually sterilized, this product is like no other on the market with complete sterilization helping the artist and client reduce complications; this coupled with the fact that they do not leave fibrous residue, allows for less irritation or infection associated with the tattooing process. Soft to touch and expanding with the drop of water, these visibly pleasing, eco-friendly, vegan, nonwoven fiber towels are great for on the artists on the go, or to have set up around the shop. As a lint free, soft to touch product, artists can rest assured that even the heartiest to the most sensitive of skin types will not be plagued by the residue left behind by paper towels; no cross contamination, no lint sticking in to their clients skin & extra absorbency allowed—there really is no other way to go than to make the switch over to the S8 Red Sterile Tattooing Towel.

Sold in packs of 50 for $20.00, S8 Sterile Tattooing Towels strikes the balance for client comfort and usability, and will also reduce the consumption of paper towels and mess around the actual procedure.


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