S8 Tattoo Roadshow- Portland Debrief

September 27, 2016

It was such an honor to meet with so many artists in Portland, Oregon earlier this month to talk products, problems, and perceptions inside tattooing. We were fortunate enough to have Jake Meeks, a tattooer and podcaster behind the Tattoo Improvement lineup, as well as representatives from Nuclear Tattoo Supply and Workhorse Irons West. The entire S8 Team is grateful for their participation in the conversation, and we consider ourselves so fortunate to have spoken with so many tattooers in the Pacific Northwest.

There were a number of ideas that bubbled up in our Portland show. Jake led a discussion on the issue of continuing education inside the tattooing community, and asked how the artists in attendance felt about the way information was circulated. For our part, we feel a responsibility to provide education and information about our products, and we do everything in our power to provide relevant data, salient facts, and important concepts that undergird the tattooing process. Our blog "Stencil Science" is one part of our larger goal to help tattooers and their clients make informed decisions about the tattooing process- a process that must be seen holistically.

We were also fortunate enough to have tattooers from all walks inside the Oregon tattooing cosmos. Oregon's status as a school state proved to be a vibrant topic of conversation, and Jake readily engaged debate. Regardless of educational background of the artists present, we felt it was important that the Roadshow fulfilled the continuing education requirements that all Oregon based artists are required to complete every year. 

Our team spoke at length about the chemical and physical problems that tattooers face when using under-optimized products. We demonstrated the ways in which our products, like the S8 RED Stencil, can provide genuine advantages that help artists. From shortening set up and clean up time, to improving health outcomes by reducing cross-contamination risks, to helping artists avoid the occupational hazards inherent in the job, S8 develops products that see artists and clients as partners in the process. 

So, to all of our Portland partners, artists, and friends, thank you for your hospitality and willingness to talk with all of us. And seriously, you've got a pretty nice town.

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