S8 Tattoo Roadshow- Sacramento Debrief

September 28, 2016

Following our stop in Portland, the S8 Team flew down to Sacramento to get some well deserved time in the sun. And by that we mean we busted our collective asses to pull together a show in the capital of California- and it was worth all of the effort.

Before the show, we had the opportunity to head to Lodi, CA to visit Joe Swanson and the rest of the artists at Hard Luck Tattoo. Joe- who our readers will know is the host of the Sullen Radio podcast and who had agreed to serve as a presenter and facilitator at the Sacramento show- took time out of his day to speak with us and give us a sense of the sorts of struggles that tattooers in central California face. It was a pleasure speaking with all of the artists at Hard Luck Tattoo, and we can't thank them enough for letting us check out their great collection of flash.

The conversation at the Sacramento show differed somewhat from what we discussed in Portland. While issues of education, outreach, and professionalism are on the minds of all tattooers, we had a great time talking with Joe and with all the tattooers who attended about the dollars and cents. When we develop products, one of our points of focus is price; we take every opportunity we can to optimize our manufacturing to save money and time. Savings that we push on to artists.

And tattooers know how little costs can add up. In California, where rental prices continue to jump, artists are having to do more with less. Getting more out of the products that artists pay for can save time and money. And because we take a holistic view on the tattooing products, we're helping tattooers keep more money that they make on every tattoo. With super concentrated cleaning products, transfer gels that pull triple duty, single use packets that are LESS expensive than existing HDPE bulk bottled products, and stencil papers that are compatible with all stencil printing technologies, we are doing our part to help tattooers cut costs, at a higher quality than all of our competitors. And in Sacramento we met with so many artists who wanted to have precisely this conversation.

So, to all of the fantastic tattooers in the Sacramento area who spoke with us and Joe, who talked honestly and candidly about their experiences and who asked probing questions about how S8 can help tattooers improve their margins, thank you. We can't wait to meet with you all again.


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