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S8 Tattoo Roadshow SLC- The Crossroads of the West

S8 Tattoo Roadshow SLC- The Crossroads of the West

July 28, 2016

This past Monday, S8 hosted its first ever stop on the S8 Tattoo Roadshow in Salt Lake City. Like we indicated in last week’s post, the Roadshow is an opportunity to meet with artists, talk products, provide hands-on experience and education, and provide a forum for artists, distributors, and manufacturers. It was a huge success.

Approximately 40 tattoo artists from around the valley- and from as far away as Los Angeles and Colorado- met with us at Holodeck, a group workspace in beautiful downtown Salt Lake City. Thanks to John and the rest of the Holodeck Team- you guys were great. These artists were the first people to hear about officially about our newest products: RED Needle Cleaner and RED Soap. They challenged us, supported us, and encouraged us. And they all left with samples of every single product that S8 offers. 

It was a huge honor and privilege for us to have so many great tattooers present. It was even more of an honor to continue the conversation with artists after the show; it was a total pleasure talking to you Ian, Alan, Will, Alex, and the rest of the SLC artists who stuck around or called us late into the night. This show was a reminder as to why we love this industry as much as we do, and we cannot wait to get back out on the road and meet with more artists.

So what’s next for the S8 Tattoo Roadshow? Well, we’re making our decisions about our next stop, and it’s going to be somewhere on the West Coast. Probably Portland. If you were at the Salt Lake City show and you didn’t fill out that little questionnaire, give us a call or email us to tell us more about your experience. If you weren’t at the show and want to know more about what happened, check out our instagram, our facebook, and here on our website- we’ll be posting more photos and videos from the event. And if you want the S8 Tattoo Roadshow to come to your city, let us know!