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S8 Tattooing Towel

April 28, 2017

Back again with some news on an upcoming product- the S8 RED Tattooing Towel. The S8 Tattooing Towel is the first of its kind- a fully compressed, sanitary sheet made from non-woven, lint-free fabric. Each towel comes individually wrapped, and is rolled and pressed to the size of a nickel.

So why make the jump from paper towels to S8 RED Tattooing Towels? 

First, because each S8 Tattooing Towel is individually wrapped, there is zero risk of cross-contamination. Standard paper towels have the potential to be a vector for communicable diseases, as they are often left in open spaces where water (and water borne pathogens) may be present. 

Second, S8 RED Tattooing Towels are significantly softer than paper towels and are completely lint free. Paper towels are notorious for leaving behind debris, and their rough surfaces can irritate even the most hearty client's skin. But S8 RED Tattooing Towels are incredibly smooth while at the same time being significantly more absorbant than paper towels. 

Third, unlike paper towels which are incredibly large and bulky, S8 RED Tattooing Towel's incredibly small form factor means that traveling tattooers can easily pack large numbers of towels into luggage. For artists heading to a convention and paying inflated prices for paper towels, this is a major cost saver and reduces the headache of visiting the supply booth. 

The S8 RED Tattooing Towel will be available shortly- join our mailing list to find out when it is available!

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