Tattoo Education in a Growing Industry

October 21, 2019

                In the first week of October S8 was able to attend the Texas Tattoo Educational, a yearly event hosted by tattoo artists which promotes continued education for tattoo artists in a constantly growing environment. Assembled by Jake Valdez, the Texas Tattoo Educational brings in many veteran artists of their field such as Tye Harris, Gunnar, Nick Baxter, Big Meas, Zack Singer, Cory Rogers, and Andres Acosta. Some topics discussed during the event were color blending, black and gray design, stencil edit/design, tattoo machine repair, lettering and placement, client education, and evolution of traditional tattooing. This event was a great experience for S8 to be involved with as we see that our approach to continued education is not a one-way street but is also something that tattoo artists are encouraging as well.

                Many of the presentations focused on the available tools in the tattoo industry. Artists discussed what tools work for them during the tattoo process, such as tattoo machines, aftercare, stencil products, etc., and how to find what works best for them during a tattoo session.  When it comes to such a large industry there are many tools an artist can use to create their art, and at times finding the right one can be tricky. However, we are glad to see that S8’s products have been working in the correct direction to fulfill a need in the tattoo space. With our vegan friendly products and our client first approach, S8 has continued to create products that are safe and sustainable. This was the major point to many of the products that the presenters mentioned during their presentations.

                Speaking from a personal client perspective it was refreshing to see that there is a big push to step away from old products. One problem product was the petroleum-based product Vaseline which can cause poor healing of a tattoo due to it clogging pores. The first time I walked into a tattoo shop was about 15 years ago, and I can remember watching the artist set up. The artist took out a box of plastic wrap and wrapped his station. Next out came the jar of Vaseline, which to me as an ill-informed 18-year-old, was how tattooing has always been done. During the whole tattoo process the artist would dip the tip of his finger into the dollop of Vaseline and using it on the area he was tattooing. After the session was over, the artist informed me to use A-D Ointment for my aftercare, a product that contains similar ingredients as Vaseline. I do not miss these days as my first tattoo did not heal out well due to my pores getting clogged which caused some scaring during the healing process. Now that I am older, and more tattooed, I have noticed the change in heal out after a tattoo procedure especially since having products like the S8 Tattoo Gel used on me during the tattoo process. After my first tattoo using the Tattoo Gel, I noticed less irritation at the tattoo site but also no breaking out and no scaring during the healing process.

                S8 is not looking to replace all the products on the market, but we are working to manufacture products that can blend client comfort and allow an artist to do their work unimpeded with confidence. Along with being eco-conscientious we are also keeping client and artist safety as our major priority.  At S8 Tattoo, we are committed to ink, and we will continue to strive by bringing that commitment to every product we offer to artists!

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