The S8 Tattoo Roadshow - Building Something New

The S8 Tattoo Roadshow - Building Something New

August 09, 2016

We started S8 because we wanted to tackle the problems tattoo artists face with fresh eyes and new perspectives. We look at every tool, every moment in the tattooing process, every movement that a tattooer makes and we ask if there is a way to address that need. 

We looked at stencils, and determined red was a empirically better choice for many clients than purple. So we made the S8 RED Stencil.

We looked at transfer products, and determined that ingredients like propylene glycol weren't necessary. So we made S8 RED Transfer Gel, product that cleans, preps, and transfers.

We looked at tattooing glide products, and found that vegetable and petroleum based formulations weren't effective enough at protecting the skin and improving ink saturation. So we made S8 RED Tattooing Gel, the only silicone based tattoo product designed to protect you clients and improve ink penetration.

As for soaps, we developed RED Soap a botanical-based surfactant and cleanser concentrate specifically for tattooers. A soap free from alcohol, photoreactive chemicals, and other dermal irritants. And RED Needle Cleaner was developed to accelerate color changes for artists, something that steals precious time from an artists schedule.

But part of developing new products is teaching people what they do, how they work, and why they have value. Artists need hands-on time with product. We need to feel a gel, watch ink get stripped of a tube, see in person how visible red stencils are when black lining. And while tattoo conventions would allow us to meet artists and talk products, booth fees and travel costs mean that artists need to work hard at shows to cover their expenses.

So we decided that we would come to you. To the cities and towns where you work. To meet with you and talk about tattooing tools, innovation, and artistry. To introduce you to our products and to put them in your hands. To eat with you and talk with you.

The S8 Tattoo Roadshow is that idea in action. On July 25th, we hosted our very first stop in our hometown Salt Lake City. We've talked about our experience there, and we were so honored by how supportive and excited the fantastic Salt Lake City tattooing community is that we decided to keep the roadshow going.

While we aren't quite ready to announce our next stops, we do want tattooers all over the United States to know that we intend to come to meet with you. The S8 Tattoo Roadshow is the only tattoo materials oriented event, where artists can learn about the state of the art in tattooing tools. It allows artists the opportunity to meet with us and with fellow tattooers in their community and just talk shop. Compare ideas. Test new products. And leave with samples and invaluable information. All at no cost to tattooers- attendance is free.

Again, we'd like to thank the amazing tattoo community in Salt Lake City. It was such an honor. And we cannot express how excited we are to announce our next to stops.

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