RED Soap - 8 oz Bottle


Now available in a 8 fl. oz. pump bottle!

The first alcohol-free, vegetable-based prep soap developed specifically for tattooing. Our scientists outdid themselves.

S8's RED Soap is a concentrated fluid that artists add to the water in their wash bottles. This fluid is loaded with plant enzymes and vegetable surfactants that lift away and neutralize oils, dead skin cells, topical bacterium and fungi- when applied to the skin, it gently cleans and prepares the skin for the tattooer to work. Additionally, RED Soap is a powerful astringent and alkaline skin wash that pH-balances the skin. All without dangerous petrochemicals. As all artists know, clean skin means better stencils, greater ink saturation, and faster tattoo heal out. And because RED Soap does not contain alcohol, you client will experience less pain and inflammation. 

The 8 oz pump bottle was developed due to high customer demand for an easy to use, cost effective way to access the S8 RED Soap.  The bottle is ideal for high-volume, fast moving, and hard-working artists. 




Instructions: 8 oz Bottle

  • Add 5-6 pumps of S8 RED Soap to 1 squeeze bottle (250ml).
  • Fill with distilled water.
  • Additional soap can be added for a higher concentrated soap.
  • Shake vigorously for one minute.

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