S8 Advanced Tattooing Barrier Gel and Aftercare - 2 oz Jar


S8's RED Tattooing Gel is the first and only completely inert tattooing glide gel. Designed to be used as a pre-tattoo sealant and during the tattoo as a topical lubricant and barrier.

Long-chain molecules overlap to form a protective covering, which is designed to seal stencils to the skin and prevent blurring or smearing of stencil lines. S8 RED Tattooing Gel is compatible with all stencil and tattooing pen products.

Optimized for artist performance, S8's RED Tattooing Gel is sensitive enough for all clients' skin types.

As a tattooing glide and lubricant gel,  S8 RED Tattooing Gel reduces needle burn, decreases friction-related heat, and improves ink saturation thanks to an unparalleled near-zero degree coefficient of drag.

Finally, S8 RED Tattooing Gel decreases glare, which reduces eye strain for artists.

This product is available in a 2 oz jar for your convenience and ease of use.  Always follow health code best practices when using S8 product in bulk containers. 






  • Apply a thin amount of S8 RED Tattooing Gel over the top of the stencil. S8 RED Tattooing Gel is compatible with all stencils, pens and locks in freehand art.
  • Apply small, thin quantities of RED Tattooing Gel to the skin as necessary
  • RED Tattooing Gel can be used after the tattoo is finished to help prevent skin discharge.

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