S8 Stencil Printer Rubber Glove Case


Protect your investment with this case for the S8 Stencil Printer!

This glove type protective case is constructed with a durable rubber to protect your S8 Stencil Printer while using the unit. The case fits all S8 Stencil Printer models.  The easy slip on design will allow you to quickly install or remove the printer as needed.  While installed in the case the S8 Stencil Printer will be fully functional.

Protect your investment against drop and impact damage.  Lightweight but extremely durable, the rubber case is made to withstand a drop up to 1.2M (approx 3.9 ft).

Dimensions with printer installed are 10.5" x 1.5" x 2.5".

Collections: S8 Stencil Printer Accessories

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