Is this ink legal?

Yes, this ink is legal for use anywhere in the United States.

Where can I buy it?

Our S8 Hemp Infused Ink is available on our shop and can be found HERE.
Can I request a sample?
Unfortunately, S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink is not currently available in sample form. 

Is it legal in Canada?

Canada’s rules about hemp products are different from those in the US. Until there is clarification on how hemp may be used forcosmetics in Canada, we’d recommend Canadian customers buy S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink in the US and use it in the US only.

Can I travel across state lines with the ink?

Yes! Because our hemp oil is from an international source and is in full compliance with US Federal Law, it is legal to travel with S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink across state lines.

Can I ship the ink to my home in a different state?

The US Postal Service and many other domestic parcel carriers have restrictions regarding transporting liquids. Be sure to check with your parcel carrier about any rules or laws they may have regarding shipping fluids.

Why is the ink legal?

S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink is legal because the hemp oil component of our ink is fully regulated and recognized by the US federal government as a cosmetic and dietary additive.

Does the ink contain POT?

What we call “pot”or “marijuana” is the branch of the cannabis family that is cultivated for its high THC yields. US Federal law prevents us from using “pot” in our ink and selling it across state lines. Instead, we use HEMP, which is the branch of the cannabis family that is cultivated for its high oil and fiber yields. Humans have been using hemp for everything from cloth-making to food products for millennia. Our hemp is internationally grown and full of oil.

Will I get high on the ink?

The chemical that is responsible for marijuana “highs” is THC. Because hemp is already incredibly low in THC, and because the US Federal Government prevents any hemp import from having a noticeable level of THC, you WILL NOT experience a THC high when using our ink.

Where does the Hemp oil come from?

Per US law, our hemp oil is imported. The hemp oil processing facilities are in Scandinavia, which has stringent testing protocols. The hemp plant material is grown all over the world.

Is ink made in the United States?

S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink is blended and bottled in the United States.

Is the ink safe?

S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink is manufactured with a medical grade ink component and hemp oils that are held to the highest possible safety standards. But remember to always do spot tests with a new tattoo ink. Additionally, if you are pregnant, nursing, or have other chronic medical conditions, be sure to talk with a doctor before getting any new tattoo.

Is it rated for line work?

Yes, S8 Hemp Infusted Tattoo Ink is rated for line work and can be diluted for shading

Are there other colors available?

Currently, we just offer black. However, we’d love to get your opinion. Please let us know what our next color should be!

Will it cause an allergic reaction?

Anyone who has ever used a cannabis product (don’t worry we won’t ask) should have no issues with S8 Hemp Infused Ink. If you have never used a cannabis product in the past, or if you have a history with severe grass allergies, consider doing a surface spot test for sensitivity. Your tattoo artist can help you with this.

What do I do with the leftover ink from my tattoo session?

You paid for it, so it’s yours. Consider taking the bottle home with you and saving it for your text tattoo. Oh, and always tip your tattooer!

Does it have benefits over a regular tattoo ink?

There are lots of reasons you might want to use S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink. From participating in the broader cannabis debate in the United States to an individual commitment to one of the most remarkable plants on this earth, S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink adds additional depth to the tattooing experience. S8 also invites individuals interested in learning more about hemp oil to do some research online. There are fantastic sites that help consumers explore why hemp oil might be a good choice in their active, full lives.

Will I heal faster when I use the ink?

Every tattoo and person is different, which is why we would never say S8 Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink heals faster with less ink dropout. Try for yourself and see how it changes your tattoo experience.

Why is it so expensive?

Because we care about your skin! Hemp oil is already an expensive ingredient. Ours is high purity, entirely free of contaminants like pesticides, and designed for cosmetic applications. Additionally, the ink is manufactured to exacting specifications. You pay for quality.

Why Hemp oil?

Hemp oil is an ingredient that has an extensive history in cosmetic products. There are fantastic resources online that can help you understand how you might want to situate hemp oil and other cannabis components in your active healthy lifestyle.

Why did you add Hemp Oil to the ink?

Tattooing and the cannabis family have a shared history. Ancient Scythian priests have been found buried in graves, their bodies covered in tattoos and hemp stalks. That history comes full circle, with S8’s revolutionary Hemp Infused Tattoo Ink.