josh_greentattoohcxJust used the new Red stencil paper from @s8tattoo this is one of the greatest changes I've seen in stencils and tattoo layout in almost 20 years. There is no guesswork about how solid or saturated the line work is. Like a permanent red saltwater pen. They hit it out of the park. Stencil lasts just as long as the regular spirit paper. Stencil application gel is amazing too, I hope they offer bottles soon. #redstencil #s8tattoo @russabbott 


tattookaleoProud to say I am supporter and pleased customer of @s8tattoo #s8red stencil system. I got to use it last night, The stenciling paper is of great expected quality, the solution worked great, the tattoo stuck very well through the tattooing.
The best part is, It fit right at home for me as I do mostly freehand drawing with red sharpies. It a lot easier to see your work versus a dark color that can get in the way of seeing your saturation.
  #REDstencil for black and grey kicks so much ass .. @s8tattoo 


 erickcampion@s8tattoo thank you for putting out such a quality product. I can definitely say that I will continue to use it as much as possible in the future. Can't wait to try this out on a cover up! I'll continue to post, tag, and spread the word.


faithtattoogalleryI You make the best products I have ever used! @s8tattoo 


dougburkmireBack home on that daily grind. Trying out some of this new red stencil paper from @s8tattoo that I got in Detroit. So far I'm really liking it!


cmortontattooThanks! @s8tattoo I'm recommending the red stencil to everyone in the shop. I loved it!


eddyorastroboyJust got more @s8tattoo #redstencil paper. You guys rule. Highly recommended. 


blackoutarts@s8tattoo Thank you!! I seriously can't say enough good things about #redstencil. Love it! 


eddyorastroboy Haha thanks guys!! Best stuff I've used!!!


brandonriggins_Great product. Thanks again guys


rcampbellart??killer product can't wait to use it more!




slyboijamesThis is awesome! 





artworksby_bI like that red stencil bro!


belindaleegrantGet this @cole4ys


cole4ys@belindaleegrant yassss



gabryscribatattooI want this paper stencil!!!!!! 

@centritattoomachines @audtattoos we should try these!


drkangel83I also really loved the way the #REDstencil transfer gel smelled and the warming sensation it gave my skin. Made the tattoo session start off quite pleasantly.


mystiktattoos@kevmack311 @tatsupsupplyco bro you need to be the first to stock this in Aus.. Shit is too good



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