S8 believes that every tattoo changes the world. Whether its a memorial to a fallen brother-in-arms, a celebration of a first born child, or an unchecked expression of pure artistry, tattoos are indelible marks that we make on one another. And thanks to our partner Water4, every tattoo made with S8 products makes a small mark on the lives of hundreds of thousands of people around the world.

Water4's mission is to help provide access to clean water to at-risk people worldwide. Water4 identifies groups and stakeholders in under-served communities and works with the actors to help install infrastructure like wells and pumps and teach local groups how to maintain and operate these tools. To date, Water4 has helped over a quarter of a million people get access to life-saving clean water.

In the parts of the world that Water4 operates, up to 80% of the diseases present are linked to insufficient or unclean potable water and sanitation practices. And professional tattoo artists know better than most the importance of clean water in their craft. This is why S8 has agreed to help material and technical support to Water4 in its mission to tackle the global water crisis. 

Help us- and others like Justin "The Viking" Wren- spread the word and support Water4's mission. Visit Water4.org to find out more about the global water crisis, and other ways you can get involved in the fight.


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