Stencil Science: Removing a Stencil

February 28, 2017

We often hear from artists that our RED Stencils stay on for a long time. Three days, four days, a week- we've heard it all. This is great news, but obviously there's a time when your client is going to want to be rid of that stencil, or when it'll get in your way. So, because our stencils stay on so long, lets cover how to get them off. 

You may remember that we always recommend tattooers use our S8 RED Stencil Transfer Gel with our paper. Its not just because it provides the longest lasting stencils with our patented RED Stencil Paper. Its also because S8 RED Stencil Transfer Gel can be used to remove stencil colorants from the skin.

Simply apply a small amount of S8 RED Stencil Transfer Gel over the stencil and massage gently and wipe away the gel- the same wild botanical blend that allows us to lock our RED colorants to the skin is extremely effective at removing those same colorants. 

So next time you or your client is dying to get the last bits of RED stencil off their skin, use S8 RED Stencil Transfer Gel to quickly and easily remove it. 


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