Stencil Science: S8 RED Needle Cleaner

January 30, 2017

The S8 Team is back again and we’re here to talk about one of the products we introduced last fall: S8 RED Needle Cleaner. While we covered the S8 RED Needle Cleaner a bit in our blog about surfactants- which you can read here and helps frame what we’re talking about- we’ve been getting lots of really great questions about this product, so we thought we’d talk a little about what makes S8 RED Needle Cleaner so effective.

First, lets quickly refresh everyone’s memory on properly dosing with S8 RED Needle Cleaner.

This is a concentrated rinse cup additive, so fill your rinse cup with distilled water and add some S8 RED Needle Cleaner. Each sachet packet can properly dose two 4 oz. rinse cups. Then, simply turn your machine on and run your needle in the rinse cup prior to tattooing- this blends the mixture and primes your needles and tube or cartridge.

Because S8 RED Needle Cleaner is a surfactant that’s been designed to rapidly remove ink, petrochemical and vegetable solids, and human oils, cells, and fluids from needles and tubes, tattooers should consider using it on everything from small tattoos to larger full day sittings. While cleaning out needle groupings with a paper towel may seem like a nominal inconvenience, it can happen hundreds of times over a longer session- RED Needle Cleaner reduces the need for that sort of wiping, which saves energy, time, and money for artists.

If you’ve gone ahead and read the surfactants article, this should look pretty familiar:

“By modifying the surface tension of the oil, the surfactant makes it easy to mechanically break apart oil droplets. In fact, the surfactant stabilizes these very small clusters of oil, allowing them to be washed of the surface… So, while the surfactant doesn’t make oil miscible in water, it allows oils to be suspended in water in very small droplet sizes, making clean-up easy.”

We wrote this about our RED Soap, but the same remains true for our RED Needle Cleaner- by modifying the surface tension of the water in your rinse cup, RED Needle Cleaner breaks apart and stabilizes the fats, oils, and non-miscible components of tattooing ink that adhere to tattoo needles and suspends them in the water. It is that set of debris that dulls needles over time, which means that many tattooers have commented on how RED Needle Cleaner seems to keep their needles sharp during longer sessions.

More importantly than sharp needles for most tattooers is the ease in changing color during a session. Color changes between red and yellow inks has long been the bane of many traditional and neotraditional tattooers practice. This has much to do with the unique electrochemical attributes of the sets of pigments used in these tattoo inks. Tattooers using RED Needle Cleaner notice that these sorts of color changes are noticeable faster and easier, thanks again to the unique botanical surfactant.


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