Q. Where do you make S8 products?

A. All of our products are manufactured and packaged in the United States.

Q. Why are all S8 gels packed in single-use packets?

A. First, for safety. Single-use packages reduce the risk of cross-contamination for your client, which is a good thing. Accidentally drop one of our single-use packets on the ground? Just disinfect the outside of the packet and you're good to go. Accidentally drop a bottle of a competitor's product on the ground, and the paper label is going to absorb anything and everything it touches. Not good. 

Second, convenience. Single-use packages are perfect for busy shops that have to monitor materials levels. Artists and shop managers can track how many S8 products they use in an average day, on an average tattoo, which means no more scrambling to get a last minute order. And because every single on of our products is TSA Approved, its easy to toss a few packets in with your carry-on luggage the next time you're flying to that show in Detroit.

Q. Why do RED Stencils last longer on my client's skin?

A. Our RED Stencil Gel and RED Tattooing Gel do some pretty remarkable things. First, the stencil gel changes your client's skin PH while removing oils and dead skin cells- the same oils and dead skin cells that prevent clean stencil releases and ultimately result in stencils that rub off. So even if you only use RED Stencil Gel, your stencil will transfer more cleanly and will last longer on the skin. 

But RED Tattooing Gel takes your stencil farther. RED Tattooing gel is composed of long-chain, overlapping molecules that create a self-healing barrier over your stencils. And unlike every single one of our competitors, RED Tattooing Gel doesn't react with stencil colorants or tattooing inks, so that means no smudging of stencils and no color-shift for your client's tattoo.

Q. Where can I buy S8 products?

A. Most major US based tattooing distributors carry some of our products, but we make sure that every single product that we make is available direct from us. 

Q. Do you ship internationally?

A. Yes, though shipping costs can get expensive. If you are a European customer, please contact us as there are several tattooing distributors in Europe that carry some of our product. We are more than willing to send you a list of distributors near you that will be able to meet your needs.

Q. I'm a distributor and I want to carry your product. Who do I talk to?

A. Please feel free to send us an email. General inquiries should be addressed to info@s8tattoo.com.

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